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is the Japanese practice of channeling the Universal Life Force energy, to bring balance and enhance our Physical, Emotional and Energetic Bodies. Reiki aids in revealing and allowing any densities or blockages to be dissolved by encouraging the release of limiting beliefs, physical dis-ease, and healing wounds of past stories.

Returning home to yourSelf

(In-Person or Digitally Distance)


The Breath is the Original Medicine for the Body, Mind and Spirit. It guides us and we guide it. Our breath connects us to the past, present, and future; To our world on this Earth, and the world within ourself. The breath can be utilized to activate our inner-energy or to deactivate and find rest.

Our breath can unlock our stagnant life force and help us heal. From feelings of relaxation and connection -to- the healing of Trauma and undesired life patterns; Your Breath is the key to the life you deserve.

Embody your True Essence


Connecting with Community


Sound Healing  +Ceremony


With the power of Reiki, I guide your group through a variety of offerings including: Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork, Meditation, Space Cleansing, and Sound Bath (Singing Bowls + Gong). Depending on your intention these offerings can be a great team building experience, friendship deepening and beautiful way to relax and restore your personal and community energy. If you are feeling the call to connect please inquire to co-create your personalized group healing experience.

"Camo's healing leadership is gentle, clear, and compassionate in such a way that I felt fully safe and supported in my breathwork to feel whatever difficult feeling was coming up. I was able to move some energetic blocks and felt a huge feeling of peace and grounded presence afterward."

"This was something new for me [Breathwork], and I was rather uncomfortable with the idea, but wanted to try. Camo made the experience wonderful. It was one of the most amazing experiences and I am very interested in continuing Breathwork and Reiki in the future."



"I felt truly tapped into source throughout the experience and grounded in a way I've never felt grounded afterward. Camo created a safe container and facilitated the experience with perfect finesse and care. The unique approach of combining Breathwork and Reiki was such a sweet spot."

"This was my first session. The incredible energetic field of vibration that Camo emanates passes through to the client. My body experienced change through these vibrations as did my mind and soul. I experienced visions and was at peace in my surroundings. Camo took the time before and after to get to know my needs, my experience, and me."





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